Exercise Tips to Keep You Motivated Throughout Summer

How to stay motivated for your summer workout. The sun is shining and the sea, fun, and festivals are calling. It’s tough to argue how wonderful summer is, but it can sabotage your workout if you are not careful. Sure, it’s easy to cancel your gym workout for a day at the beach, but losing

How to Get Your Car Summer Road Trip Ready

Get your vehicle road trip ready with this handy pre-trip checklist. Now that summer is here, many of us are planning our next summer road trip. Whether it’s to a festival, to the ocean, or to visit relatives, it’s likely that a road trip this season is in the cards. There are few things that

How to Protect Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Keeping your house safe while you go on vacation.   Your suitcase is packed and you’ve printed the airplane ticket. You’re almost ready to enjoy your long-awaited vacation. During the midst of planning and packing, did you remember to protect your home so that it is safe while you’re away? Nothing spoils a vacation more

5 Inexpensive Fixes to Make Your Home Safer

Improve the security of your home with these tips. Every homeowner wants to protect the safety of his or her home. Simple prevention and maintenance tasks mean that the home is kept in good condition, and the homeowner can detect errors or issues before they turn into a money pit to repair. Even though your

How to Improve Employee Engagement

Get your team on board with these tips. Employee engagement is a burning business topic. Study after study continues to show that an engaged workforce ultimately leads to greater productivity and a healthier business. The concept is simple: get employees engaged in their work. Business owners and managers can do their part to inspire and