Which Claims Make Home Insurance Rates Increase the Most?

Are there home insurance claims that increase rates more than others?   Insurance rates are based on a number of risks, but there are some factors that affect a policyholder’s insurance more than others, such as filing claims. Believe it or not, but filing claims will raise rates more than any other factor – besides

Easy Ways to Get Organized in Get Organized Month!

Tips for updating your home inventory.   January is the month we experience a surge of motivation to get all of our ducks in a row. While you are reviewing your insurance policies this New Year, it’s wise to think about updating your home inventory, too. Not only is a home inventory vital for insurance, but it

Quick Tips to Save Money on Auto Insurance

Easy ways to save money on your car insurance coverage.   Now that the New Year is here, everyone is watching the pennies. The holidays are over and that means a time to save money and plan for new and exciting endeavors ahead. Fortunately, we’ve nailed down some quick and easy ways you can keep

Bad Car Habits to Break This Winter

Avoid making these mistakes on the road this season. With every change in the season, car maintenance becomes a bit more rugged. Cold weather conditions can be stressful on your car, even if California isn’t known for its ice and snow. A vehicle in good condition and safe driving practices help you to stay safe

3 Tips for Safer Travel During the Holidays

Keep your holiday travel safe and fun.   If you’re going to spend the holidays visiting family or getting away from the city, it’s likely that you’ll need to travel over the festive period. Unfortunately, so are millions of other Americans, which means the roads and airports can be particularly busy and stressful. Throw in