4 Tips for Driving Safely at Night

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration the majority of automobile accidents happen at night, 49% of all automobile accidents in the United States happen after dark.

According to the statistics gathered by Triple A – 75% of accidents at night are caused by speeding, 14% are caused by the distraction of a cell phone and the remaining 4% of accidents are a combination of night blindness, wildlife, poor visibility, driving on unfamiliar roads, black ice, and problems with the car, specifically blown tires.

Let’s look at 4 safe driving tips for night driving:

1) Use common sense – Do not drive when you are overtired, use extra caution when driving on wet, icy, or snow covered roads, do not use a cell phone, drive the speed limit or a comfortable speed if you are unfamiliar with the roads, and focus on the road, not on a conversation with a passenger.

2) Keep things clean – Make sure your headlights are clean and aligned. Make sure your brake lights, turn lights, and taillights are all working and clean. Make sure your front and back windows are clean so you can see clearly out of them.

3) Keep Alert – If you have been driving for a long time, find a rest spot and get out and stretch your legs. Get a cup of coffee, breath in some clean fresh air and rejuvenate yourself.

4) Keep your eyes moving – After driving for a long time things can start to look distorted. Do not stare at one spot on the road, keep your eyes moving as this will alert you to what is around you, including wildlife. When driving in areas where signs are posted for deer, look for two little dots that are close together off in the distance. A deer’s eyes glow in the dark and this will alert you to their presence in the road.

By practicing these safe night driving tips you may be able to prevent an accident from occurring.

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