5 Fictional Characters That Could Have Used Life Insurance

When you start your own family, it’s prudent to arrange for life insurance as soon as possible, to help ensure that members of your family will be taken care of when you are no longer able to help them yourself.

Sometimes people put off getting life insurance because they are uncomfortable dealing with the subject, even though they realize it is the right thing to do.

To help motivate you, a recent article posted at LearnVest describes how fictional characters could have benefited from obtaining life insurance.

For example, the father of Cinderella could have established a trust for his daughter and made her the beneficiary of his life insurance policy, instead of leaving her to rely on her cruel relatives.

In the case of Nancy and Judah Botwin of “Weeds” TV show fame, if Judah had set up an insurance policy, the benefits may have meant that Nancy wouldn’t have had to wind up becoming a drug dealer.

Life insurance would have meant that Snow White’s father, a wealthy king, could have ensured that his daughter would have sufficient assets after his passing, even if his investments failed.

On “Parenthood,” Julia and Joel Graham must update their existing policy after adopting their new son Victor, helping to solidify the family unit.

James of James and the Giant Peach would have had a better experience in life if his parents had taken out a life insurance policy. Unfortunately they died without having done so and left the poor boy to live with his mean aunts.

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