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3 Beneficial Ways to Turn Stress into Something Positive

Benefit by redirecting your stressful energy into something more positive.   The coronavirus pandemic is sure to cause anyone stress. It has changed the way we live our lives and is on every news station, social media outlet, and in every newspaper. Sometimes, we cannot get away from it. If the pandemic is stressing you

Is Term Life Insurance Right for Your Family?

What to consider when you are thinking about purchasing term life insurance.   When you are in the market for life insurance, you will soon find out that there are two main types of coverage to choose from: whole and term. Whole life insurance is designed to cover you for your entire life, while term

The CARES Act Loans – What Small Businesses Need to Know

How small businesses can receive help from the government.   It’s no surprise that businesses of all sizes have struggled throughout the pandemic. Crippling some and closing others, COVID-19 has disrupted business income and put strain on many. However, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act has been signed into law and is

Prepare Your Business for Common Insurance Claims

Protect your company from common claims.   As a business owner, it is incredibly important to be able to prepare your business for common insurance claims. Not only does this reduce the risk of claims occurring, but it helps you to save money and gives you peace of mind. Get started on preparing your business

What to Know About Joint Life Insurance

Joint life insurance basics.   For couples and partners looking to improve their financial planning, joint life insurance is an option. A joint life insurance policy is an alternative for couples who would like to provide for each other if one of them passes away. Buying such a policy can be a straightforward, affordable, and

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