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Does Every Person in Your Household Need to Be Listed on Your Insurance Policy?

Determine who should be listed on your auto insurance policy. When you are completing a car insurance application, you may be surprised when asked to list everyone in your household. This question trips a lot of people up because they don’t know whether to list everyone or just those that are going to be driving

Homeowners Insurance Endorsements to Consider

Consider these home insurance add-ons to secure your property. Homeowners insurance is something that allows you to sleep a little easier at night. If the worst happens, you know you have a financial safety net in place. But, do you really? Many homeowners know that they need coverage so they secure a basic policy at

Commercial Auto Liability – What’s Not Covered?

Do you know what your commercial auto liability policy excludes? Commercial auto liability coverage protects your business against claims by third parties who seek compensation for bodily injury or property damage sustained in an auto accident. Although it sounds like a situation that would never happen to your business, and we hope that it doesn’t,

Indoor Plants That Can Improve Your Health

Beautify your home with green plants that can improve your health. You don’t have to have a green thumb to pick up a few houseplants. A large variety of plants in the home can be incredibly easy to look after – and can even off quality health benefits. Not convinced? Check out a few plants

Summer Road Tripping? Prepare Your Vehicle Beforehand

How to prepare your car for a summer road trip. Summer is right around the corner, and that means summer road trips are almost here! Being able to jump in your car and go on an adventure leads to many summer memories. What’s more, driving is an economic and attractive choice to get away for