Bad Car Habits to Break This Winter

frost on a car

Avoid making these mistakes on the road this season.

With every change in the season, car maintenance becomes a bit more rugged. Cold weather conditions can be stressful on your car, even if California isn’t known for its ice and snow. A vehicle in good condition and safe driving practices help you to stay safe on the road this season. This fall and winter, be aware and break these bad car habits!

Slamming on your brakes

Not only is hard braking bad for your vehicle, but it can be dangerous to you and others around you. If it’s a slippery road, you could spit out. If you feel your car starting to slide, remain calm and turn your wheel in the direction you are sliding. Drive slowly and with caution to avoid the need to slam on your brakes.

Letting your car warm up for too long

Sitting in a freezing cold car isn’t anyone’s idea of a great way to start the day, which is why many of us let our vehicles warm up first. If you choose to do this, don’t let it sit there for too long. Cars are not designed to be left idle for a long period of time. Idling can create build up on the spark plugs and cause them to become less efficient.

Not reviewing your auto insurance

Driving in the winter weather has its own set of challenges. Make sure you’re ready for them! Review your auto insurance so that you can be prepared for whatever happens on the road. Talk to your insurance agent about coverage.

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