Commercial Auto Liability – What’s Not Covered?

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Do you know what your commercial auto liability policy excludes?

Commercial auto liability coverage protects your business against claims by third parties who seek compensation for bodily injury or property damage sustained in an auto accident. Although it sounds like a situation that would never happen to your business, and we hope that it doesn’t, the reality is that accidents happen. The best way to protect your business is to secure the right coverage – and to know what is (and isn’t!) covered. Be sure that you know what your commercial auto liability policy excludes.

Expected or Intended Injury

Auto liability insurance excludes bodily injury or property damage that is expected or intended from the standpoint of the insured. This exclusion generally applies if the insured named in a claim or suit intentionally caused injury or damage to a third party via an auto incident.

Workers’ Compensation

You cannot rely on your auto coverage to cover the benefits that you are obligated to pay under workers compensation law. These benefits should be provided by a workers’ compensation policy rather than a commercial auto policy.

Handling of Property

Generally, auto policies cover bodily injury or property damage that occurs in the course of loading or unloading of the property onto or off a covered auto. However, auto liability coverage does not cover injury or damage that occurs before you begin loading property onto an auto or after the property has been unloaded. Accidents that occur during these time frames will likely be covered by your general liability policy.

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