Keeping Your Company Safe

Small Business Insurance Policies

Businesses of all sizes face the same threats, especially when it comes to lawsuits. Protecting your business with the right insurance policies can help to ensure that you can stay up and running. Make sure that you have these essential business insurance policies in place to keep your business safe.

  • General liability insurance – which will provide coverage for any legal expenses that are incurred when your business accidently damages another person’s property or when a visitor is injured while on your property. It will also provide coverage for any lawsuits that are filed due to advertising injuries.
  • Worker’s compensation insurance – if you have just one employee, you are required to have a worker’s compensation insurance policy. Worker’s comp will pay for any medical bills that are incurred by an employee who was hurt on the job. It will also cover lost wages, disability, or death benefits if the accident was fatal.
  • Commercial property insurance – no matter if you rent or own your space, you need a commercial property insurance policy to provide coverage for all of your business’s assets if they were damaged due to vandalism, fire, windstorms, or theft. Keep in mind that standard commercial property insurance policies will not provide coverage for damage that is done during an earthquake or flood.
  • Commercial auto insurance – if you have any number of company vehicles, or if your employees use their personal cars for business purposes, you need a commercial auto insurance policy. Your personal auto insurance policy will most likely deny your claim if your car is damaged while you are using it for business purposes.

When looking for the right business insurance policies to ensure that your small business is protected from any peril, contact the insurance professionals at Ron Young Insurance in Burbank, California.

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