Commonly Stolen Items from the Home Over the Holidays

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Protect your belongings this season by understanding what’s at risk.

It’s a common nightmare – You get home from work or vacation to find out your home has been burgled. It’s never an ideal situation, whether the thieves were successful or not. However, it’s a reality for many homeowners across the nation. To help protect your property and possessions, it’s worth knowing what items are highly sought after. Take a look at the most commonly stolen items from the home.

  • Cash

It can’t be traced, tracked, and it’s often left out in plain sight. Make sure your cash is safely stored away. If you keep a cash emergency stash, be sure to hide it well in a disguised tin or in a safe. Even leaving petty cash around the house on display can catch a burglar’s eye.

  •  Jewelry

Your dressing table may be home to precious jewelry and watches. Unfortunately, all this jewelry can add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars, making them the prime catch for thieves. Store your jewelry away and out of sight. Make sure high-valuable items are stored in a locked safe when not in use.

  • TVs, computers, electronics

These small but expensive belongings are highly sought after. Although a 75” wall-mounted TV isn’t easy for the average burglar to take, a swift thief can get away with it before the police arrive. Smaller electronics such as laptops and smartphones are also ideal because they have a high value. Make sure to record all serial numbers of these items on your home inventory.

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