Deep Frying Your Turkey Doesn’t Have to be a Fire Hazard With These Safety Tips for Thanksgiving

There is nothing like the taste of deep-fried turkey for Thanksgiving. The act of frying turns the turkey meat into a lush and juicy flavor sensation that no oven-roasted bird can compare to. The problem with deep frying your turkey is the fact that it’s a dangerous undertaking, what with hot oil, an open flame and a propane tank involved in the process. Following are safety tips for Thanksgiving so you can safely fry your turkey without burning down your home in the process:

  • Always set the fryer up on a concrete surface. Never put it on a wood deck or porch as an oil spill can quickly ignite the burner, causing flames to flare up and catch nearby wood on fire.
  • Keep a minimum area of three feet around the fryer free and clear from anything that can catch fire.
  • Monitor the turkey as it cooks at all times.
  • Let the turkey defrost all the way through before putting it into the fryer. A half-frozen turkey can cause the oil to explode due to the ice still in the turkey.
  • Never overfill the fryer. Put the turkey in, then fill the fryer with water. Take the turkey out, then pour the water out into a bucket to determine how much oil is actually needed.

Following these tips helps ensure a safe and flame-free Thanksgiving!

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