Earthquake! Prevention and “Cure”

Learn from the experts. Earthquake safety and preparedness are important enough to seek out professional help and guidance. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.” However, we all know that life is full of events in which we need a “cure.” In this article we want to teach you the art of prevention as well as the “cure” for earthquake damages and losses.

What to do to Minimize Earthquake Damage

Train all family members to turn off gas, water and electricity. Anchor heavy appliances and large pieces of furniture: bookcases, wall-mounted electronics and etc. Practice earthquake drills on what to do when an earthquake hits; see below for details. Designate a rallying point for the family in case anyone is separated.

What to do When an Earthquake Hits

Brace yourself. Stand in the doorway or crouch under a table or desk. Stay away from windows and glass. Just as a note of further safety: if you happen to be out, get off of any bridges and drive out from underneath underpasses. Stay away from buildings and other tall structures as well.

After the Earthquake has Passed

Keep in mind that aftershocks can cause damage and harm. As you brace yourself for more, be sure that you prepare your family and brace your appliances and important items for the period after the earthquake hits. Turn off utilities. Keep your shoes on. Clean up potentially harmful spills and check for downed power lines and damaged areas to the building.

One often overlooked “cure” in regard to earthquake preparation is being able to take advantage of a package that has adequate earthquake coverage. Ron Young Insurance specializes in offering California residents a “cure” for every disaster that they may face. Contact us today for quotes and information on quotes and coverage options.

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