How to Foster Workplace Wellness

How to Foster Workplace Wellness

Promote a happy and healthy work environment.  

Every business owner knows their employees work better when they are happy and healthy. Although it is not your role as a business owner to tend to their health, you do have a responsibility not to hurt it. You can also encourage good behavior and habits that benefit their wellbeing. Not every business has an unlimited budget to put into employee wellness programs, so take a look at our low-cost and no-cost ways to help foster workplace wellness.

Arrange a company-wide run. Grab your sneakers and encourage the whole team to get involved in a charity run. Not only will this get your team motivated and moving, but joining in a local charity event will help to publicize your business to the local community. Arrange training after work and aim to get everyone involved!

Provide healthy snacks. Take a look in your employee kitchen. Is it laden with junk food and sugary beverages? Make healthier choices by stocking the kitchen full of fresh fruit, trail mix, and plenty of bottled water.

Hold walking meetings. Instead of sitting in the conference room for an hour a week, hold walking meetings around the office or the complex. This helps to get your team moving and may inspire some new ideas with thanks to the change of scenery and fresh air!

Set up a team challenge. Ask everyone to track his or her steps for the week (most smartphones do this automatically these days). At the end of the week, award the person who walked the most with a prize.

Offer meditation classes. While physical exercise is for the body, meditation is for the mind, which can go a long way in improving mental health. You can either offer a subscription to a self-guided meditation app, such as HeadSpace, or bring in a professional for an afternoon to teach your team how to meditate.

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