Get Fresh Produce From Your Local Farmer’s Market

A good diet is one full of fresh, wholesome foods. When people begin to change their eating habits, one of the first things they do is add more fruits and vegetables. Buying fresh produce from your local farmers market is healthy for you and also good for your local economy. One of the biggest benefits of buying locally grown produce is that it comes to your fresh from the garden. It hasn’t been transported hundreds of miles, nor has it been exposed to excessive handling and contaminants.

The staff at Ron Young Insurance encourage all of their clients who buy health insurance to check into farmers markets that serve the local community. The Burbank Certified Farmers Market offers a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from the surrounding area. They are certified fresh and guaranteed to be of the best quality available.

Add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Eating healthy, moderate exercise and plenty of rest are the three most important factors in preventing illness and disease.

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