Halloween Driving and Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

halloween driving safety tips

Your young ones probably can’t wait to dress up in scary gear to enjoy one of the most exciting activities of Halloween —trick or treating. This event should be fun-filled for every participant. Unfortunately, it sometimes ends in tears for some families, especially when kids have a bad fall or they get injured in traffic accidents.

Well, as a driver, there are a few essential Halloween driving safety tips you can follow to help improve everyone’s safety, including children, in your neighborhood.

Driving on the streets during the October 31 festivities calls for extra caution on the part of the drivers due to the higher pedestrian injury risk involved. According to the National Safety Council, kids are twice more likely to get injured in a car accident on Halloween than any other time. You can play your role in minimizing that risk by observing these practical safety tips for Halloween when driving.

1. Watch Out for Kids on the Streets

It’s Halloween, so obviously, there’ll be kids walking on roadways, others crossing streets as they hop from one neighbor’s house to another. So, as a driver, try to be extra-careful during peak trick-or-treating time to avoid accidentally hitting the little ones. It also helps to drive below the speed limit when you enter a residential area during the busy hours.

Similarly, situational awareness helps a great deal, especially at crosswalks, alleys, or corners. Just try to be alert of your surroundings, and keep in mind that playful and distracted kids may not always see your approaching car in good time to walk to safety.

2. Let Headlights Be Your Guide

Be sure to turn on your car’s headlights once it starts getting dark. Remember that some kids will be dressed up in dark Halloween costumes that are more difficult to spot within braking distance. As such, the headlights should be on after sunset later in the evening.

3. Drive Only If Experienced and Sober

It takes an extra degree of caution for a driver to avoid hitting pedestrians on a busy street or roadway on a day like Halloween. While driving at times like these, you may frequently encounter random kids running out into the middle of traffic, oblivious of the dangers involved. You’re in a better position to drive safely without any ugly traffic incidences if you’re an experienced driver.

Equally important, be sure to have a designated, sober driver. That really helps with Halloween driving safety if you’re going to a party that involves drinking.

4. Pay Extra Attention when Entering/Exiting Driveways

Watch out for kids when you’re exiting a driveway and pulling onto the street. Kids may see that you’re approaching, but they might not always judge your intentions correctly. For example, they might mistakenly think that it’s safe for them to keep walking as you reverse onto the street. That’s likely to lead to an accident.

5. Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Once you’ve accepted the responsibility to safely drive your family or friends on Halloween, try to focus on just that. It’s always safer to avoid distractions while behind the wheel, considering that distracted drivers are responsible for many car accidents. For starters, put your cell phone away while you’re driving.

Halloween should be a happy day for all families. And by observing these Halloween driving safety tips, you play a vital role in enhancing pedestrian safety, especially for the little ones, on October 31. At Ron Young Insurance, we wish you a happy and safe Halloween day. Be sure to get in touch with us for help insuring your business, home, car, and other assets.

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