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Tips to Stay Healthy Throughout Fall

Use these tips to keep you healthy and happy this autumn.   Fall is here! It’s time to dust off those glorious boots and sweaters. Although California isn’t known for its harsh, cold winters, the temperature and season change can have anyone feeling unwell if they aren’t prepared. Avoid feeling under the weather this season

Should Stay-at-Home Parents Carry Life Insurance?

Life insurance for stay-at-home parents. The job of a stay-at-home parent is one of the hardest. An average day may consist of being an nurse, taxi driver, PA, housekeeper, cook, cleaner, and everything else in between. With this being one of, if not the most important role in the household, have you thought about how

Manage Your Stress This April

Learn how you can handle your stress more effectively this National Stress Awareness Month. April is National Stress Awareness Month, a public health campaign that looks to raise awareness of the damaging effects of the modern stress epidemic.  Do you often feel like you are suffering under the weight of your stress?  Then, in honor

March is Asset Management Month: Why You Need Life Insurance

Life insurance can help to protect your assets. March is Asset Management Month, and many take this opportunity to review their asset protection. From safety precautions to security measures, protecting your assets comes in many shapes and forms. For most, large assets include a home, vehicle, and a sizable savings account. When it comes to

Flu Season is Here: Use These Tips to Stay Healthy

Knowing your health insurance coverage can help if you end up with the flu. With fall comes cold and flu season. Its’s that time of year when people are handing out cold-infected germs like they were free coupons to Starbucks. Sometimes, there’s just no winning and you manage to contract a bad case of the