Holiday Secrets to Stay on Budget

When the holiday season rolls around, families across the country struggle to maintain the delicate balance of staying on budget while also celebrating the holidays with a festive spirit. Here are some tips for keeping these celebrations and parties from completely draining the year’s budget.

  • Consider making a signature cocktail instead of hosting a complete open bar when having parties. These drinks can tie in with the theme of the party and can be fun for guests, without the cost.
  • Rather than wasting money on pre-baked goods, make large amounts of sweets before the holiday parties begin and freeze them. 
  • Buy Christmas cards in January, when everything is on sale, and use them the following holiday season.
  • Consider doing a Secret Santa for large families or large social circles to avoid having to buy presents for too many people
  • Those traveling for a week or more might consider renting out the house and using the money to fund their travel

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