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Top 3 Factors to Minimize Home-Related Risks

Protect your home with these home safety tips. Our home is our safe haven, protecting our belongings and family. Unfortunately, most homes are vulnerable to a number of safety and security risks that require homeowners and renters to take additional steps to mitigate them. Here are the top three security threats and some recommended solutions

Top Ways to Detox Your Home

Easy steps to detox and declutter your home. Detoxing is more than just drinking green juice. The act of cleaning should be extending to all areas of your life, including your home. Many of us know that our home environment can impact our state of mind, particularly if it’s no longer serving us correctly. To

Mobile Home Insurance: What to Look For

Protect your mobile home with reliable insurance.  Your mobile home may be built in a factory and moved to a chosen location, but even today, it isn’t that much different to a site-built single-family home. Whether you live in a mobile home year-round or stay in it seasonally, it’s essential to protect your property with

Homeowners Insurance Endorsements to Consider

Consider these home insurance add-ons to secure your property. Homeowners insurance is something that allows you to sleep a little easier at night. If the worst happens, you know you have a financial safety net in place. But, do you really? Many homeowners know that they need coverage so they secure a basic policy at

Summer Parties and Your Liability: What You Should Know

Ensure you have liability coverage before you host summer parties. Summer is right around the corner and that can only mean one thing – parties. Whether it’s a backyard BBQ, graduation party, summer gathering, or otherwise, the sunshine is sure to get us all outside and partying. Many times, hosting these events means serving alcohol