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Does Your Homeowners Insurance Increase If You Rent Out the House?

Are you in a position where you want to rent out your house? Perhaps you are ready to move into a bigger space. Perhaps you are looking for a good opportunity to move out and rent out your current place to a child, relative, or another individual. If you do decide to do this, you

Which Claims Make Home Insurance Rates Increase the Most?

Are there home insurance claims that increase rates more than others?   Insurance rates are based on a number of risks, but there are some factors that affect a policyholder’s insurance more than others, such as filing claims. Believe it or not, but filing claims will raise rates more than any other factor – besides

Commonly Stolen Items from the Home Over the Holidays

Protect your belongings this season by understanding what’s at risk. It’s a common nightmare – You get home from work or vacation to find out your home has been burgled. It’s never an ideal situation, whether the thieves were successful or not. However, it’s a reality for many homeowners across the nation. To help protect

Important Things to Ask When Choosing a Home Security System

Home security system questions to ask.   Buying a home security system is a lot like shopping at the grocery store – you’re better off if you go in with an idea of what you need. You should know what kind of system you had in mind, what your budget is, and what level of

Top 3 Factors to Minimize Home-Related Risks

Protect your home with these home safety tips. Our home is our safe haven, protecting our belongings and family. Unfortunately, most homes are vulnerable to a number of safety and security risks that require homeowners and renters to take additional steps to mitigate them. Here are the top three security threats and some recommended solutions

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