Does Your Homeowners Insurance Increase If You Rent Out the House?


Are you in a position where you want to rent out your house? Perhaps you are ready to move into a bigger space. Perhaps you are looking for a good opportunity to move out and rent out your current place to a child, relative, or another individual. If you do decide to do this, you will need to take care of a few insurance adjustments before you can start renting to new tenants.


The rules are different for insuring your personal home versus a property you are renting out. You will need to let your insurer know what you plan to do with the building so that they can help you secure the right coverage. You will need to swap it for insurance that covers only the house. This may be cheaper than your current home insurance as a rental home policy does not include coverage for damages done to interior furnishings, theft, or loss of valuable items on the premises.


The purpose of a rental home policy is to cover damages that may occur to the structure of the dwelling. This will include the foundation, framing, piping, internal wiring, and more. That means if a disaster does occur, you will have financial assistance to help rebuild and repair the property.


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