What Homeowners Can Learn From California Wildfires

What Homeowners Can Learn From California Wildfires

How homeowners can protect their property from wildfires.  

The wildfire season in California this year has been among the worst ever. The dry, windy conditions, spurred on by the warming climate have made wildfires more intense and their seasons last longer.

Wildfires caused nearly $12 billion in damages in 2017, making it the costliest year for fires in state history, according to the California Department of Insurance (CDI). These losses show no sign of stopping in 2018. “Over a decade or so, we’re going to have more fires, more destructive fire, more billions that will have to be spent on it,” said California governor Jerry Brown in a press conference. “All that is the new normal that we have to face.”

So, what can homeowners learn from the recent wildfires?


The key to protecting your property against a wildfire is taking some time to ensure that you have assessed the area and done what you can to minimize wildfire damage. This means you should clear any dead and dying trees, keeping vegetation well hydrated, and removing valuables from outside. If a wildfire is approaching, you can douse your home in water, taking special care to cover the roof, and follow any emergency evacuation instructions.

Insurance Coverage

Since Southern California’s last wildfire, it’s likely that residents have seen their insurance rates skyrocket as a result. Some homeowners have even been denied further coverage, as insurers choose not to renew policies for some undamaged properties in high-risk areas.

If you’re in a high-risk zone, finding coverage may be difficult, and it’s likely you’ll face higher premiums than you were previously paying. That’s why it’s important to begin your search immediately.

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