How Remodeling Your Home Can Affect your Insurance

When embarking upon a new and exciting home improvement plan you may not have considered the affects it might have on your homeowners insurance policy. Regular maintenance of a home can improve a homeowner’s insurance premiums because a well-maintained home is less likely to break down. This also counts for many of the improvements and overall repairs that a homeowner does in the endless quest to improve upon and fix their home. However, there are also a few home improvements that might not be so straightforward and may actually be detrimental.

Certain improvements such as fences decrease premiums but other improvements such as pools may actually increase premiums because they involve the possibility of danger, however slight. Furthermore, redecoration and remodeling can actually drastically increase the value of your home. Any time the value of your home is raised the premiums of your home will rise because the insurance company now needs to insure the new value. If you don’t notify your insurance company of your improvements you may be in for an unpleasant discovery if you need to claim against the policy, as the insurance company isn’t going to cover anything it wasn’t notified about.

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