Improve the State of Your Home’s Security

Radical changes are not required to secure the perimeter and interior of a house.  Basic improvements include ways in which the family lives in the house.  These logical changes will reduce your worries and might qualify for homeowners insurance discounts.

1.  Change the door locks – All door locks on the house must be changed when the family moves into a new residence.  No one can be sure that all old keys were recovered.

2.  Install deadbolt locks – Strong deadbolt devices provide additional protection against kicking a door open.  Select the deadbolt style that can be opened from the inside without a key, for quick exits.

3.  Use keyless entry – Instead of hiding a house key, add a keyless entry pad to the garage door.  Another option is to install a keypad doorknob on one door.  Children can enter the house without carrying a key that might be lost.

   4.  Improve lighting – Shadows offer hiding places to intruders in the late evening and overnight hours.  Outdoor lighting improves the chances that a neighbor, or passing police officer, will spot someone close to the house.

5.  Secure first-floor windows – All windows that could be accessed from the ground should be locked at all times.

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