Indoor Plants That Can Improve Your Health

an apartment with plants in it

Beautify your home with green plants that can improve your health.

You don’t have to have a green thumb to pick up a few houseplants. A large variety of plants in the home can be incredibly easy to look after – and can even off quality health benefits. Not convinced? Check out a few plants that can improve your health around the home.

Spider Plant

The long leaves of this popular indoor plant trail down to look like spiders legs. This plant scrubs the air of certain chemicals found in household goods like paint, rubber, and furniture polish. They require little water and light, making them ideal for inexperienced gardeners. A major plus is that it is nontoxic to cats and dogs!

Aloe Plant

Nothing brightens up a windowsill like this sun-loving succulent. In addition to clearing the air of chemicals associated with tobacco products and insulation, the aloe leaves contain a cooling gel that helps soothe scrapes and sunburns.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are notorious for being easy to care for. This shade-loving tropical plant is effective at clearing the air of ammonia, which is often found in cleaning products and in other chemicals.

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