Interactive Dashboards: The Latest Driving Distraction

Interactive Dashboards: The Latest Driving Distraction

How interactive dashboards are hindering road safety.  

We all know that using our phone, tablet, or laptop behind the wheel is a recipe for disaster. So, why then, do we allow interactive dashboard screens to distract us from the road ahead? Smart dashboards are ideal in many ways – they have a built-in GPS system, they allow us to call hands-free and view sound system information. Unfortunately, these built-in devices are also enabling activities that take the drivers’ eyes off the road for longer than most safety advocates would say is safe.

As new technology evolves, new dangers present themselves. Newer vehicles with these systems allow drivers to:

  • Sync their phones and check for mentions of them on Twitter.
  • See text messages as and when they arrive
  • Upload a photo taken on a smartphone and request mapping to the place the picture was taken

There are, unfortunately, few laws in place governing the use of these systems. To protect yourself and others on the road, check out these tips:

  • Think of your interactive dashboard as your phone – avoid using it while driving.
  • Set up your GPS and directions before you start the vehicle.
  • Avoid answering calls while driving. Turn the volume all the way down if necessary.
  • Don’t use functions that include photographs or moving images unrelated to driving.

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