International (Working) Women’s Day

Working women may feel under appreciated.  Many who work outside the home also have children, spouses and households to take care of.  Take heart working women of America, March 6th is your day. That is the date of International (Working) Women’s Day! This is not just a day for Mothers or Secretaries…this is a day for women who work so hard to keep it all together.

International Women’s Day is a day that is celebrated worldwide, and came from the roots of women’s socialist movements and trade unions of the early 1900’s that included working women. Today, International Women’s Day has grown to be a celebration that is recognized and sponsored by the U.N.

From the very first International Women’s Day in 1911, until this year’s observance 113 years later, it is one day that women can be appreciated for who they are…hard working women.

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