Meditation Tips for Stress Awareness Month

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Alleviate stress this month with these meditation tips.


We’ve all been there – time seems to shrink and you feel swamped with millions of activities that you need to get done, project deadlines approaching, chores to be done… So how can you de-stress and calm your mind in order to focus and get things done? In honor of Stress Awareness Month, we’ve rounded up some easy ways you can get started on meditation. Proven to help reduce anxiety and stress, meditation relaxes the mind and the body. Here are a few tips to help.


  • Start small

Begin with a short session of 5 minutes. Once you are comfortable with that, move to 10 or 15 minutes until you reach 30 minute meditations. With practice, this type of meditation becomes easier and more effective.


  • Avoid distractions

If you can, choose a spot to meditate where you won’t be distracted. It should be a calm and quiet place where you can sit comfortably. This will help you to focus your mind and body.


  • Try a guided meditation

There are many apps today that allow you to practice meditation through your phone. Headspace is a great resource for those who want to try guided meditations, and they even offer meditation courses on Stress management to practice building up your skills.


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