Mercury Lowers Homeowners Insurance Rates

In light of a recent court ruling, many California homeowners are taking advantage of lowered homeowner insurance premiums. Mercury originally sought a $32 million hike in its rates, but courts refused to approve such a hike. Moreover, not only did court refuse to approve Mercury’s rate hike, but they also ordered Mercury to cut its rates by $72 million – over twice the amount Mercury wanted to increase rates by!

Mercury Lowers Homeowners Insurance Rates

Mercury must decrease its homeowners insurance rates by 8%, which will affect approximately 270,000 Mercury policyholders.

Get a Lower Quote

California homeowners who want to take advantage of this forced rate cut should contact Ron Young Insurance, which serves the entire state of California. Because this is a forced rate cut, and not a discount offered by the company, it can be paired with other discounts. Homeowners who also have auto insurance through Ron Young Insurance may be eligible or a multi-policy discount.

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