Tips to Prepare Your Home for Halloween

Get your home ready for the spooky holiday that is Halloween.   Halloween is right around the corner! Is your home ready for visitors? Whether you’re hosting a hauntingly fun Halloween party or you’ll be waiting for trick-or-treaters, these tips can help you prepare your property and avoid disasters. Secure railings. Do you have railings

Small Business Cyber Security: How to Prevent a Cyber Attack on a Budget

Tend to your small business’s cybersecurity risks without breaking the bank. Cyber attacks and breaches are becoming so common that all businesses are at risk. Although your small business may not have the funds to implement the highest tech to protect data, there are some practices and insurance policies that you can actively use to

Tips to Stay Healthy Throughout Fall

Use these tips to keep you healthy and happy this autumn.   Fall is here! It’s time to dust off those glorious boots and sweaters. Although California isn’t known for its harsh, cold winters, the temperature and season change can have anyone feeling unwell if they aren’t prepared. Avoid feeling under the weather this season

6 Ways to Keep Your High-Mileage Vehicle Going Strong

Tips to help you make your car last many more miles. Some drivers have great luck with keeping their vehicles free from trouble for many years – even decades. Others don’t even make it past 50,000 miles without major problems. Although the longevity of your vehicle can depend on what type it is, driving and

Tree Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Yard

Prevent property damage by keeping your trees in good condition. The trees in your yard can enhance your property, provide shade, and offer numerous environmental benefits. However, trees can also pose a safety hazard to your family and your home if they are not cared for. Now that we are approaching fall and adverse weather