Protect Your Business from Halloween Horrors

carved out pumpkins for halloween

Safeguard your business through this spooky season.

Halloween is on Friday, October 31st, which is a time for dressing up and enjoying sweet treats. However, with Halloween comes a sharp spike in crime. Business owners should be particularly cautious around Halloween for it is the time of mischief. Take action to protect your property with these useful tips.

  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked correctly
  • Implement security systems
  • Install motion-sensor lights on the exterior of the building
  • Trim shrubs and prune trees to limit the areas where vandals can hide
  • Ensure there are no valuable goods that can be seen from the outside
  • Make sure there is some sort of visible light on inside your place of business overnight
  • Never leave cash in the register
  • Put up signs letting visitors know they are on camera and being recorded
  • Review your commercial insurance coverage

These tips can help you better protect your business from Halloween horrors. Want another way to successfully protect your company? Make sure you have the proper commercial coverages to protect your business and its assets. To find the right policies to meet your company’s needs, contact the professionals at Ron Young Insurance. We are ready to get you the coverage you need today.

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