How to Avoid Mistakes While Filing a Renters Insurance Claim

Renters insurance claim

Imagine coming home from work or vacation to find your home empty, with all your valuable possession stolen! Well, while this occurrence can be extremely stressful, filing a renters insurance claim can help you recover either a part or the whole amount of your loss.

Renters insurance protects you from suffering severe losses when your personal belongings are destroyed, vandalized, stolen, or when someone gets injured in your home. To experience this type of insurance benefits, you will need to file a renters insurance claim correctly.

Here are some tips to help you understand the filing process and avoid making costly, irreversible mistakes.

1. Prioritize Safety While Filing a Renters Insurance Claim

Is there an urgent need to alert the proper authorities? For instance, if there is a fire in your home, your first step should be to contact the fire department. Depending on the situation, you can call an ambulance or the police. Saving life and property should be your priority even before filing a renters insurance claim.

2. Gather, Record, and Preserve Evidence

If your property gets stolen or damaged, make sure you note all the essential details concerning the loss, such as the date, time, and more. It is also necessary to take pictures or a video, where appropriate. In case of an injury, ensure that you correctly capture all the steps you took after the accident, which is an integral part of the claim process.

3. Prevent Further Damage, Then File Your Renters Insurance Claim:

Before you start filing a renters insurance claim, make sure that your home and belongings are safe and will not be damaged any further. The steps you might need to take include:
● Covering broken windows with plastic to prevent further damage from rain
● Changing locks or repairing broken doors after a burglary
● Disconnecting and unplugging all utilities after a fire or water incident
● Notifying your credit card company after your card has been lost or stolen

4. Filing Renters Insurance Claim

Visit your insurance provider’s website or call the company as soon as possible. Once you have informed your insurance provider of the incident, these steps will follow:
● You might be required to complete renters insurance claim forms; remember to attach all your documentation/evidence.
● The renters insurance claim process requires the insurance to send a representative to investigate and estimate the extent of damage to your property and to make a record of all the items covered under your policy.
● The representative will review the price estimate with you and make an offer that can get your life “back on track.”

Losing your property or getting sued because of an accident in your home can be devastating. A renters insurance claim that is filled correctly can help ease this burden. At Ron Young Insurance, we are always on standby to provide you with the assistance you need when it comes to protecting your home, auto, commercial property, and family. Contact us today to secure an insurance plan suitable for all your needs.

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