Renting a Car Out of Town?

When you are a driver of a vehicle two main options for auto insurance is to insure the driver and to insure the vehicle. When it comes to auto insurance policies, some do one or the other, and some do both. Before you commit to a policy, it is important to make sure you understand the features and limits of coverage.

For those who travel, one concern is whether their policy will cover car rental when they are out of town. This coverage can vary considerably from one insurance company to another, and from one policy to the next. In some policies, there may only be coverage that takes care of covering any injuries, and basic repairs to the vehicle. This can leave gaps in coverage in areas such as loss of use or diminished value, leaving the driver financially responsible to the car rental company.

But insurance policies are confusing, and it can be hard to decipher exactly what’s covered and what isn’t. That’s why getting help from an expert insurance broker like Ron Young Insurance in the San Fernando Valley is so important. With a strong understanding of auto insurance policies Ron Young Insurance can help you find the company and policy that is best suited to your lifestyle and coverage needs. To learn more contact Ron Young Insurance today.

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