How to Ride Your Motorcycle Safely in a Group

group of motorcyclists

Summer is here and that means motorcycle fans are out on the road. You may even round up your friends or join a community to ride as part of a group. If you do, be aware that there are certain risks of group riding. This is especially true when you have several motorcycles riding together with a wide mix of skill levels and riding experiences, so be sure to never try to ride beyond your ability.


To help you stay safe while riding in a group, see the following safety tips.



Get together before your ride to outline the basics of your trip such as how far you’re going, how often and where you’ll stop, who the leader will be, and any other considerations. Ensure that everyone has the right tools, a first-aid kit, and a full tank of gas. Everyone should also be riding with the right protective equipment such as a helmet.


Know the hand signals

It’s worth learning a dozen or so key hand signals to help you communicate while riding. This can help keep you safer on the road, ensure your group stays altogether, and to give you peace of mind.


Stay in formation

Before you set off, let everyone know the formation in which you’ll be riding. Generally, it’s best to stagger your bikes so that the leader is on the left side of the lane and the next rider is on the right side of the lane further behind, and so on. Once you’re in formation, you should know where everyone is. Stay in this sequence throughout the whole journey.


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