Ron Young Insurance can Clear Up Car Rental Coverage Quick

Many people assume that their auto insurance coverage will extend to any car they drive while covered, including those under a rental car policy. In fact, the coverage extended depends on whether a given insurance policy actually includes the protection term or not. It is not an automatic protection. In fact, especially with discount insurance coverage, the rental car protection may be left out. So if a driver is not sure if their current policy actually protects them while driving a rental car, then they should check first with their insurer prior to driving a rental without coverage.

Ron Young Insurance can easily protect drivers as well as help them understand better what protections are in place versus those that are needed. Because the agents at Ron Young Insurance are well experienced in dealing with auto insurance policies and how to determine their given protections, consumers can easily find out what protections they do have and what is possible in terms of additional protection. So if information is needed before that next rental car trip, give Ron Young Insurance a call.

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