How Safe is Your Workplace? Consider Top OSHA Violations

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Make your workplace safer by avoiding common safety violations.  

Every business has unique workplace hazards. However, many businesses also share common pain points that threaten employee safety and can lead to expensive OSHA safety violations. To help you understand where the most common threats to business’s lie, we’ve rounded up a few OSHA violations that are common in many workplaces.

  • Fall protection

Falls from ladders, roofs, stairs, and decks can lead to costly claims and a lot of paperwork. Falls still account for the majority of incidents at work. Businesses should look into ways to reducing the likelihood of falls, such as supplying safety railings, highlighting steps, providing ample lighting, and proposing safety guidelines when working at heights.

  • Eye and face protection

Most offices won’t have to worry about providing face and eye protection when their employees are working at computers all day. However, job sites and warehouse workers may need this protection – and business owners have a duty to ensure that they provide quality and safe equipment to protect their employees. Hard hats, goggles, masks, and other safety equipment can be the difference between a minor injury and a major one.

  • Hazard communication

Hazard communication is when employers inform employees about chemicals that are both produced or imported into the workplace. In dangerous work environments, such as construction sites, warehouses or manufacturing facilities, rapidly advancing technology is helping to streamline hazard reporting and provide real-time warnings to employees.

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