Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain can be very dangerous. It’s important to take every precaution to keep yourself and other drivers safe. Unexpected situations happen on wet roads and being on guard is key. Here are a few tips for keeping things together while on slick roads:

  • Keep it steady, take it slow. Good drivers know how to slow down in rainy weather. You want to reach your destination in one piece.
  • Maintain a good distance between you and the other drivers.
  • Try and drive in the middle lane, especially in areas where water quickly builds in the gutter.
  • Make sure your wipers are in good working order.
  • Make sure your tires have good tread. These should be checked regularly.
  • Do not drive in moving or extremely deep water.
  • If the rain becomes too difficult to see, pull over. You don’t want make a difficult situation worse.
  • If you do not have automatic headlights, turn yours on.

These simple tips can help get you through a rainy journey and reach your destination in one piece. For more information on auto insurance, contact Ron Young Insurance.

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