Save Money with Payments through Electronic Funds Transferred

Keeping ahead of the game financially is a challenge for many, and saving money is high on almost everyone’s priority list. There’s always the little things you can do, like turning off lights and driving energy efficient vehicles. But many are also saving money by paying their bills through electronic funds transferred. Many financial obligations, from mortgage payments, to credit cards, to insurance options offer and encourage EFT payments. Their motivation is admittedly selfish. It means less work for them. But as long as you get something out of it, that motivation doesn’t really matter does it?

Most companies that support EFT see their enrollment as somewhat of an insurance policy. If the funds to pay those bills are being automatically withdrawn from a person’s account, that person is far less likely to miss a payment. They also save on processing because they don’t have to send out regular bills or even email reminders. Because of this, paying through EFTs often means a discount.

Because insurance rates are consistent, EFTs are especially encouraged when it comes to insurance premiums. At Ron Young Insurance in Burbank, CA we maintain strong connections with insurance companies that offer both great rates on their policies and those little money savings conveniences, like Electronic Funds Transferred payment option for their policies. For help finding the right policies for you, contact Ron Young Insurance today.

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