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Grab Your Walking Boots for the Best Hikes in Burbank, CA!

Explore the beautiful city of Burbank – on foot! While we’re in the age of exploring cities by bus, car, and helicopter, often the best and most exciting adventure you can enjoy is on foot! With the constant sunshine in Southern California, it’s possible to take these trails at any time during the year! Who

14 Foods you should eat to increase productivity

Yes, making a do-to-list and minimizing distractions in the work place can help you be productive, but it could also be the food you take in throughout the day that are making you feel more lethargic than usual. Try adding these foods into your daily diet to increase productivity: Any kind of berry – Antioxidants

Reduce Morning Routine Stress with these tips

Getting out of the house on time for work can be a daily struggle for many. Preparing the night before can help you get to work on time without all of the stress. Try these helpful tips to de-stress your morning routine: Make lunch the night before Get your purse or briefcase ready the night

Preventing Tire Failure with Preventative Tire Maintenance

Although some flat tire incidents are due to wear and tear or an abandoned nail in the road, often flat tires can be avoided if some preventative measures are taken. Routine tire maintenance is important when trying to avoid tire problems during your already busy schedule.   Mercury Insurance provides some time-tested tire tips: One of

Utilize your Mercury customer portal

Advancements in technology have only made our day-to-day activities easier. The Mercury Insurance customer portal allows for ease when managing your account on nearly any device. While on the go, you are now able to quickly and conveniently pay your bill and even see your auto policy claims and payment history. Accessing your policy information,

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