The App that Can Help Keep your Teen Safe on the Road

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: getting a call informing you that your teenager has been involved in a motor accident. These days, teens are so use to texting that they may feel tempted to continue communicating by text using their smartphones even while they are behind the wheel of an automobile. Of course, this is causing parents a great deal of worry about their children’s safety.

In an effort to reduce the problem of teens driving and texting, AT&T has released DriveMode, which is one of the most useful phone apps for helping keep your teenager safe while driving.

DriveMode is free to download. The app detects whenever your teenager is driving faster than 25 miles per hour. It will automatically respond on the driver’s behalf with a text message that indicates your teen is currently driving and will only return the text when it is safe to pull over and park the car.

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