The Holidays Aren’t an Excuse for Drinking and Driving

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, someone lost their life due to drinking and driving accidents every 51 minutes in 2010. That’s over 10,000 deaths related to drunk driving, with a number of those incidents occurring in holiday months.

For many people who would not otherwise drive under the influence, the holidays can offer hidden temptations. A glass or two of wine at an office party, evening drinks with the family, or celebrations with friends can put one in a situation of driving under the influence–many times with children or family in the car. In many cases, drivers think they are safe because they’ve eaten a large meal or only had one or two drinks.

The truth is, any amount of alcohol has the potential to impair your driving ability. A DUI-related accident can hurt your ability to get auto insurance or result in tragic injuries and even death. Play it safe this holiday season and use a designated driver after celebrating.

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