The Importance of Commercial Auto Coverage

If you run a business in which vehicles are used for transportation, it’s important to protect your investment with commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance ensures you and your employee drivers are well covered against prospective accidents on the road.

Commercial car insurance is a must for companies that offer transportation services within their business structure. This includes food delivery, shuttle services, courier services, delivery of products, etc. In addition to protecting your vehicles, commercial insurance pays for property damage and injuries sustained by others if you or your employees are responsible for the accident. You can also augment your protection with collision, property damage and comprehensive coverage as part of your commercial policy.

The amount of coverage you choose will depend on your business and the extent to which you use your vehicles for business purposes. Most states require that businesses purchase a minimum amount of commercial liability. However, this may not be sufficient to cover damages and injuries when serious accidents occur. Upping this coverage to at least $500,000 per accident provides you with better protection against any eventuality.

By discussing your options with your auto insurance carrier, you can make wiser decisions concerning your commercial auto insurance needs. For more information about commercial coverage in California, contact Ron Young Insurance.

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