Tips to Prepare Your Home for Halloween

Tips to Prepare Your Home for Halloween

Get your home ready for the spooky holiday that is Halloween.  

Halloween is right around the corner! Is your home ready for visitors? Whether you’re hosting a hauntingly fun Halloween party or you’ll be waiting for trick-or-treaters, these tips can help you prepare your property and avoid disasters.

Secure railings.

Do you have railings that lead up to the house? Young children and adults accompanying them may need the support of railings while making their way to the front door. Now is the time to fix the railings before an accident occurs.

Light it up.

You may want to leave your home in darkness to add to the spooky effect, but a dark home can only be a recipe for disaster when little ones are walking up to the door. Turn on the lights and install lights outdoors so that people can easily make their way up to the front door.

Clear the pathways.

Now is the time to fill in cracks in the pathways around the property, remove toys, and tidy away garden hoses. Any objects that could pose as tripping hazards should be taken care of well before people start arriving at your home.

Shut pets away.

Cats and dogs may get antsy if there are frequent knocks at the door or the home starts to fill up with people. Instead of your pet getting upset and lashing out at someone, shut him or her away in a room away from the front door.

Use LED lights.

Instead of opting for candles with a naked flame, use LED tea lights to light up your jack-o-lantern. A naked flame poses several fire risks, where an LED light is much safer and gives off the same effect!

Review insurance.

You may not realize that opening your door to guests on Halloween exposes you to liability risks, but accidents do happen. Make sure that your home is protected by giving your insurer a call today.

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