Tips to Maintain Your Homes Foundation and Prevent Bigger Problems

Your home’s foundation provides the necessary support to keep your walls in place and a roof over your head. But the foundation is at risk of damage, just as is the rest of the structure, from mother nature. Water is the biggest enemy with poor soil underneath being the next one. Keeping an eye out for trouble avoids you having to make a claim on your home insurance. Following are some tips to help you maintain your home’s foundation.

  • Follow the path of water. If water regularly runs past your foundation, it is going to seek the lowest point. If the lowest point is somewhere in the yard, that’s fine. If it’s next to your foundation, keep an eye on it so it doesn’t seep in through cracks.
  • Identify cracks and fill them in with epoxy sealers designed for the job. Water can get into the cracks and freeze in cold weather, further damaging your foundation.
  • Watch for signs of erosion around the foundation. If you are on an extreme slope, you are more likely to have to deal with erosion. Timbers, trees, grass, rocks, even ornamental pavers can be used to stabilize the soil and prevent erosion.

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