Top Habits That Make California Roads More Dangerous

Top Habits That Make California Roads More Dangerous

Bad habits motorists do that endanger other drivers.

Despite our top technology, smart cars, and the publicity of vehicle accidents, motor vehicle deaths still occur in our everyday lives. Researchers took to the roads to find out why there are still so many accidents and fatalities, even with knowledge at our fingertips.

Experts said that although most drivers understand the basic dangers and risks on the road, they don’t take the proper steps to make their own driving habits safer. Many people still believe they are capable of managing distractions safely, such as operating a cell phone while driving. Take a look at just a few of the bad habits that make our California roads riskier:

  • Sending text messages or using voice dictation on a cell phone
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages before driving
  • Checking social media notifications or interacting on social media while driving
  • Driving with fewer than four hours of sleep
  • Using marijuana while driving
  • Relying on the car’s technology to stay safe

Are you guilty of any of these bad driving habits? If so, act now and commit to being a safer driver. Not only do you save yourself injuries, money, and time, but you avoid putting other people’s lives in danger. Secure reliable auto insurance to protect your car from the worst. Talk to the team at Ron Young Insurance to find out how to get affordable and quality auto insurance.

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