How Valentine’s Day is Celebrated Around the World

How Valentine’s Day is Celebrated Around the World

Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day! The stores are quickly selling out of candy hearts, chocolates, and red roses. In the U.S., we celebrate the day of love with edible gifts, stuffed toys, flowers, and greeting cards. But not every country turns to cards and candies to declare love. Take a look at how Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world.


Rather than roses, friends and sweethearts exchange pressed white flowers called snowdrops. Another popular Danish Valentine’s day tradition is the exchange of ‘lover’s cards.’ While lover’s cards were originally transparent cards which showed a picture of the card giver presenting a gift to their sweetheart, the term is now associated with any card exchanged on Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s day is strictly a mature holiday here, meaning no cards or candy between students and kids. However, there is a presence of pigs in the German holiday of love. These animals are a sign of luck and lust, and are featured on Valentine’s day items. A popular treat is a giant ginger cookie that comes with a ribbon so it can be hung around the neck of your sweetheart.


Paris is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. It’s been said that the first Valentine’s Day card originated in France when Charles, Duke of Orleans, sent love letters to his wife while imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1415. Today, Valentine’s Day cards remain a popular tradition in France and around the world.


In this country, the day has a more platonic vibe. It’s called the Day of Love and Friendship, and gifts are often given to and from friends. Similarly, in Guatemala City, people partake in Old Love, a parade for senior citizens where people wear bright colors or traditional Mayan attire. Traditions of love don’t have to be over the top: The day is much more about friends and family than romance throughout South America.

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