Wildfire Preparedness Saves Lives and Property

Trees in the forest and urban interface do not spontaneously burst into flames.  Lightning causes a small percentage of the fires that become raging infernos.  In the past three years, almost 90 percent of all wildfires started when humans were present.

Property owners must take prudent steps to be ready when wildfires threaten homes, businesses, schools and communities.    Always remember F-L-A-M-E:

  • Family – Treasured belongings should be kept where each person can pack immediately.  Plans must include meeting places and communication measures.
  • Landscaping – Firefighters can save the house if shrubs, trees and undergrowth are managed.  Learn the best practices before disaster strikes.
  • Awareness – Stay abreast of the local news through radio, news, email and Internet sources.  Never wait for specific direction if your family or property are in harm’s way.
  • Moisture – Leave garden hoses near the spigots on the home exterior.  Firefighters might save the house if water is accessible.
  • Evacuation – Select routes out of the neighborhood and town before departure becomes necessary.  Know which way to go and how to get there.

Safety for your family is the primary concern when wildfires rage.  Make wise decisions early to prevent panic in the face of oncoming wildfire.

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