Winter Car Prep for California Drivers

Winter Car Prep for California Drivers

How to get your vehicle ready for a California winter.

When autumn comes around in California, leaves fall, nights get longer, and there’s a definite nip in the air. Now is the time to unpack the boots and gloves and stock up on blankets for the bed. It’s also time for Californians to winterize their vehicles. Fortunately, the west coast doesn’t have harsh winters that entail lots of snow and ice. However, the cooler temperatures and change in weather certainly calls for drivers to prep their vehicles.

Test your battery. A battery’s cranking power drops in the cold, so if your battery already has a low charge, the winter will top it off. This means that you could end up stranded when you least expect it. If your battery is coming to three years old, it’s wise to replace it before the winter.

Check your wiper blades. They may be able to handle a light California summer rain shower, but they might not be up to the frost that collects on a windshield in winter. If your wiper blades are starting to smudge and smear, it’s a good idea to replace them.

Top up the antifreeze. Top it off or change it if necessary. You don’t want your radiator, engine, or hoses freezing up. If your vehicle isn’t generating enough heat to keep you warm, your antifreeze might be low, or you might have a thermostat issue. Either way, get it checked out before the winter arrives.

Pack emergency supplies. At the very least, keep an ice scraper, flashlight, batteries, blankets, non-perishable food, water, and a first aid kit in the trunk.

Check your tires. Tires lose pressure over time, but they lose pressure quickly when it’s cold outside in California. Tires lose around one pound of pressure every six to eight weeks, and they also lose one pound of pressure for every 10 degrees F drop in temperature. Make sure to test your tires often, topping them up as needed.

When it comes to car care, preventative maintenance is always the best practice for California drivers, especially when it comes to winter weather. Secure reliable auto insurance to protect your car from the worst. Talk to the team at Ron Young Insurance to find out how to get affordable and quality auto insurance.

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